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If it is summer time I go to the beach where I adore swimming in the sea or in the swimming pool and I like to have sunbathe. I like to do sport in the gym and I like to play tennis. I love going to the cinema, theater and watch new and interesting movies. I also love reading books on psychology and try new ways of self development. But my biggest passion among all my hobbies is travelling.

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I love seeing new places and exploring the world. I believe that it is better one time to see than a hundred times to hear I am searching for a smart man first of all. He should have a kind and loving heart.

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Kindness is an important quality for me. Also, I'd like my future man to have a good sense of humour as laugh extends your life. He should lead a healthy life style, do sport. Preferably for him to want children in the future. Also devotion is an important quality. I want him to be adequate and well mannered person. I enjoy always staying active!

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I like getting new impressions, visiting new places and meeting new people! My friends would say, that I have a good sense of humor: I enjoy laughing and I enjoy improving mood to everyone around me: I see my man as a mature, goal-oriented and intelligent person. However, I believe that the most important is to feel comfortable together Love is in details, and you never know what detail will make you fall in love: It is very important for my future man to ejnoy massage, because I really love doing it ;. I am alone now and do not have my beloved with me so I prefer to dive into work and usually I have plenty of students that I teach and I like that.

Though, I of course have some free time to rest and relax. What I enjoy doing is to learn new things, I love reading. When you read you are able to learn so many new things and your life is an endless learning experience.

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I have friends that I love to spend time with I am blessed to live near the beach so when the weather is good I love to spend time there. What I also enjoy is to travel. I have just been to few countries but the ability to see different cultures and people is amazing. I desire a kind of man who is respectful towards his lady. The one who will always be there for me and support me through good and bad times. I want my man to be kind and caring. Of course loving Attentive and the one who is able to listen to everything I have to say and give his opinion on things.

Family life and relationship is a hard work and I know that but I am willing to work through hardships to have the best relationship with my man. Understanding is so important in family life. I want my man with who I would love to spend my whole day, each minute and each hour, just to enjoy each other! I am a sportive girl, so I spend most of my free time in the gym.

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Doing sports brings me great pleasure and helps to keep fit. Also, I like reading. What can be better than sitting in a chair, wrapped in a cozy blanket, and reading an interesting book? Besides reading books, I can devote my leisure time to watching good films. I prefer films in my native language, but at the same time, some Hollywood films really inspire me. I dream about being with an adult and serious man who will be serious about me.

I see a kind, generous, responsible and decent man near me. I want him to be family-oriented and purposeful. We must have common goals and be on the same page in life. When I have free time I also like to watch movie, we often go to a cinema with friends: I think, that will be wonderful to have a date in the cinema with my love, watching a romantic movie, or maybe you like a good comedy?: What do I want to see in a man?

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I would like to meet an honest, serious and loyal person, with a kind heart like mine; I like goal-oriented people, who see their goals clearly. I want to meet sunrises and sunsets together. I wish to wake up in warm hugs of my beloved one. Make morning coffee for each other, is also so romantic. I like to be active and ready to share any activities with you!!

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I like travelling, swimming, singing in karaoke , driving a car, watching interesting movies I think, the most important is to lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more and find positive moments in every day!!! I am looking for a reliable, kind, tender and not greedy man, who loves and respects his woman! I know for sure, a woman isn't complete without a man.

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That's why we are here! Most of all I like to spend time with my daughter and with the dog. We enjoy to walk a lot and to spend time actively. I like to cycle and I think that this is great to spend time outdoors. I like picnics so much and I think that each season can be special and there are many things to do when your special person is with you. The main in the man for me is his heart and openness of his soul. I dream to find such a man who will understand me and we will be on the same wavelength with him, will support each other and add more and more sparkles to our relationship.

I appreciate every free minute that I have! I'm always busy with my work and studies but when I have a day off or a free evening I try to use this time profitably! I have lots of hobbies that are close to sports so I love to play team games in the fresh air in summer with my friends, arrange picnics or go hiking somewhere.

If I don't have a company I just walk around the city alone thinking about my future and making plans in my mind. Also I love movies, so going to the cinema with my beloved one can be an ideal end of the day for me. My heart is full of warm feelings and is ready to love and share this tenderness and care with somebody. I can talk a lot and make a picture of an ideal man but I don't want to do it. I believe that love is uncontrolled process and you will never know when you will fall in it.

You can look for one type of men but in the end love another one So the conclusion which I've made of this is that the main thing in my partner is attention and the way he treats me. Yes, I appreciate such qualities like sense of humour, responsibility, generosity, smartness and care. But I'm not focused on finding a man with all of these qualities. My heart is open and I'm ready to accept another type of person if he is really interested in me. Well, I have a lot of activities that I like to do in my free time. From reading books and various interesting magazines to the usual conversation on the phone with someone of my relatives or close friends.: In the evenings, I am particularly pleased to watch interesting TV shows.

I like foreign serials because each episode excites my fantasy. And sometimes I also like to do needlework. For example, knitting or embroidery. What about me, it calms me down a lot.

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And sometimes I like to make such presents for my relatives: For me, the perfect man is not a person who has a lot of money. It is a man who understands what honesty and loyalty is in a relationship. Such qualities as loyalty and determination are also important to me.

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Oh, I think it would be right to add such a feature as care.